Are you a Trend… SETTER or LAGGER?_


August 31, 2023

By Hawa Mwakatundu


Businesses exist to serve customers. It can be through selling day-to-day consumable products like FMCG companies or selling solutions that help customers get financial aid such as Microfinance Institutions.


Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


Customer Behaviour is what drives the existence and extinction of any organisation. With that being said businesses need to evolve at the same pace their customers do.

As a business owner do you want to go extinct from failure to evolve or do you want to be the one that drives the interest of your customers?


Do you want to set the trend or lag behind the daring?


Customers are moving at lightning speed when it comes to new technologies. Ten years ago, a website was considered proof when one searched for business legitimacy but now, it’s an independent source of revenue on its own. Features such as Chatbots and Online Payments create an ecosystem that requires little to no human interaction when it comes to E-commerce or Online Booking platforms.


We invite you to join Smartnology’s trend-setting community and be the first to automate your business through our solutions ranging from Websites, Systems and Mobile and Web Applications, guaranteeing you up to 100%  growth in both Customer Satisfaction and Revenue.

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