A Remarkable Quarter with our Online Registration Platform_


August 09, 2023

By Hawa Mwakatundu

In the rapidly evolving landscape of events and conferences, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. As we reflect on the past quarter, we are thrilled to share the exceptional success we achieved through our online registration platform. This cutting-edge solution not only streamlined the registration process but also fostered meaningful connections between participants. It enabled seamless interaction with organisers and amplified the post-event feedback loop to drive continuous improvement.




Pioneering a New Era: The Online Registration Platform


Embracing the digital age, we embarked on a journey to reimagine event participation and engagement. Our online registration platform was the cornerstone of our success this quarter, setting new benchmarks for convenience, interactivity, and overall event satisfaction.


Key Features:

1. Effortless Pre-Registration and Virtual Business Cards: One of the standout features of our platform is the option for participants to pre-register, ensuring a seamless entry into the event. Additionally, participants were provided with virtual business cards, allowing for easy networking and information exchange during the event.

2. Advanced Question Logging: Our platform empowered participants to log their questions well before the event. This proactive approach not only facilitated targeted presentations but also encouraged engagement and participation from the outset.

3. Post event Feedback Collection: A successful event is not just about its execution, but also the insights gained from participant feedback. Our platform allowed event organisers to collect feedback, enabling a deeper understanding of participant sentiments and areas for improvement.



1. Seamless Event Entry: By offering pre-registration and virtual business cards, we eliminated the hassle of long queues and physical business card exchanges. Participants could seamlessly enter the event and focus on what truly matters: networking and learning.

2. Enhanced Engagement and Interaction: The ability to log questions in advance created a sense of anticipation and engagement. Participants felt more involved in the event's content and discussions, leading to more enriching interactions.

3. Data-Driven Improvements: The post event feedback collection mechanism gave organisers immediate insights into the event's success factors and areas of improvement. This data-driven approach is invaluable in honing future events to perfection.


Success Stories:

One of the shining examples of our platform's success was the "Tanzania Digital Marketing Summit." Through our sister company Smart Codes we got the opportunity to showcase our platform. The event was organised by TMSA in partnership with Clouds Media Group and Smart Codes to name a few. The pre-registration and virtual business cards not only streamlined participant onboarding but also resulted in numerous successful networking connections. Additionally, the advanced question logging feature allowed attendees to submit their questions in advance, leading to highly engaging sessions. The post-event feedback revealed the platform's effectiveness in elevating the event’s experience.


As we celebrate the culmination of a triumphant quarter, we reflect on how the online registration platform revolutionised event participation, engagement, and feedback collection. The fusion of pre-registration, virtual business cards, advanced question logging, and post event feedback collection has elevated the standards of events. Looking ahead, we are committed to further refining and expanding our offerings, ushering in a new era of events excellence that continually exceeds expectations.

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